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Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network is a non-governmental association of ornithologists, birdwatchers, ornithological and environmental organizations, which in cooperation seek to learn the birds of prey and owls that live in the vast territory of Russia and neighboring countries and promote their conservation. Anybody, who is interesting to observe birds of prey, any organization, whose activities are connected with the study and conservation of raptors, may become a member of the Network. To do this, you should submit the application for membership in the RRRCN group, and begin to participate in various projects of the Network - to watch birds of prey and to share your own observations with friends, to help birds of prey individually or in a group of colleagues, and to present the results of your activities to the community. For details about joining the Network, click the banner "Members". Membership in the Network is not subject to contributions, but requires the activity and participation in a program of the Network. Press organ of the Network is the Journal "Pernatye Khischniki i ikh Okhrana / Raptors Conservation". All Network members are able to get it, and publish their observations in it More...

Raptors conservation
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    Болотная сова Владимир Ивановский Nestling of the Eagle Owl Imperial Eagle Upland Buzzard Ural Owl Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis) Male and female Marsh-Harrier могильник Black-Eared Kite Болотный лунь Upland Buzzard Upland Buzzard Ural Owl Upland Buzzard Конкурс рисунков Орлан - птица 2013 года


    The account of the Saker Falcons in pre-migration period in Altai mountains was completed, and the tracking of falcons with loggers continues

    Молодой балобан. Фото И. Карякина

    Field work in the Altai Republic has been completed. One of the main goals of the August trip was to observe the migration of the Saker Falcon in the zone of movement of birds tagged with GPS/GSM loggers. 15 birds (13 young and 2 adults) were counted. The tracking of the female (tagged June 17) is continuing. For the month from July 16 to August 11, this bird expanded its area of movement (MCP) from 8 to 8,815 square kilometers, and flew over this period more than 1,5 thousand km.


    Expedition to study eagles in Altai was completed

    Степной орёл. Фото И. Карякина

    The three-week expedition to study the birds of prey of the Mountain Altai, organized by the Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network and Sibecocenter LLC, was completed on August 7, 2017. During the expedition, the nests of birds of prey were monitored at two long-term control sites in the North-West and South-East Altai.


    Expedition to study the Central Kazakhstan population of the Steppe Eagle was completed

    Степной орёл. Фото И. Карякина

    From June 22 to July 18 in the Central Kazakhstan were large-scale account of the Steppe Eagles. The work was carried out by ASBK in cooperation with specialists of the Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network and Sibecocenter LLC. Financial support for these works, which are of major environmental importance, was obtained from TNK Kazchrome

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    Raptors Conservation 34

    Raptors Conservation 34

    The new issue of the Raptors Conservation Journal №34 has been published. The issue contains articles on the results of the study of the White-Tailed Eagle, Black Kite, Ural Owl and Blakiston’s Fish Owl.

    The Avifauna of the Center of European Russia: dynamics, anthropogenic transformation, ways of conservation

    Орнитофауна центра Европейской России

    The monograph is devoted to one of the most pressing areas of environmental research – anthropogenic transformation of biota. Birds are considered as a model group, showing a wide range of reactions and adaptations to the effects of anthropogenic factors.

    Migratioin of birds of Northwest Russia. Non-Passerines

    Миграции птиц Северо-Запада России. Неворобьиные

    This monograph is based on a wealth of factual material accumulated by a team of researchers in the result of many years of work in the North-West of Russia. It discusses the problems of migration through the prism of the concept of place of migration activity in the annual cycle of birds, developed by the authors of the monograph.

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