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Information about the Network

Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network was founded in 2011 by a group of activists of raptors and owls research and conservation (Network creation history >>>) to unite avian predators lovers to study and protect them.

Network Mission
The essence of mission: avian predators belong to a more or less vulnerable group which needs special human attention in conditions of developing economic activity. Human activity had already led to a significant shrinking of many predator species’ natural habitat and to almost full extinction of some species. The Network unites people who are ready to protect interests of this group in the face of civilization.
Moreover, the widening of environmental worldview among the Earth population has positive effect on planet’s climate in global and local scales.

I want to join the Network!Achieving the Network’s aims and objectives, delivering its missions in Russia and neighboring countries is possible with the expansion of our network, drawing raptors and owls’ lovers to it, both professional ornithologists and amateurs, birdwatchers, by encouraging friendship and working relationships between them.

At this moment the Network is actively developing and you can take part in it by becoming its full member.

The Network is open for everyone who shares its aims and objectives and starts sharing their experience, information and photos on the website – that is taking part in the Network’s projects or carrying out own activity within the Network, or helping it in any other way (financial support, helping in production of issues or website management). Become a Network member >>>.

At the end of each year all members of the Network must post a brief report of their work for the year. Inactive Network members will be automatically deleted by administration.

Network members can fill the Network’s databases (Birds of prey and owls observation database, ringing database, nestboxes monitoring program database et all.) and use this information. For any guest users of the website all information from databases except exact coordinates are open. Network members can receive exact points’ coordinates by contacting moderator of the corresponding database. All data in databases belong to authors, when using the information for scientific purposes (researches, articles, reports and so on) attribution to authors of the source material and a link to the Network is required. Terms and conditions of using Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network databases >>>

Members of the Network can lead their own programs and projects within the Network or take part in Programs offered by other members. At the time of the establishment of the Network its members are working inside 5 research and 5 conservation programs. Taking part is research program means filling the corresponding database with own data or conducting researches together with other Network members. Taking part in conservation program means doing actual work for the birds’ benefit on one’s own or together with other Network members and filling corresponding databases.

Information on Network members >>>
Network members’ personal pages >>>
Network members’ diaries (in Russian) >>>
Network members’ individual projects >>>

For more effective work every program is governed by a Coordinator, кwho has the comprehensive data on the Program, who monitors the work of its members and checks the correctness of data filled into corresponding databases.

The Raptors Conservation Journal >>> is the press organ of the Network. When taking articles for publication members of the Network have priority over other authors. Network members can also receive a paper version of the journal at cost price.

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    Osprey was chosen the bird of 2018 in Russia

    Скопа. Фото М. Сиденко

    Russian Birds Conservation Union have chosen Osprey as the bird of 2018 year.


    All-Russian Conference dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Professor G.P. Dementiev will be held in late September 2018

    Г.П. Дементьев

    The All-Russian Conference dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Professor G.P. Dementiev “Ornithology: History, Traditions, Problems and Prospects” will be held September 27-October 1, 2018 in the Zvenigorod Biological Station of the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University.

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    Стратегия сохранения степного орла в РФ

    Strategy of the Steppe Eagle conservation in the Russia

    “Strategy of the Steppe Eagle Conservation in the Russian Federation” was approved of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation.

    Орлан-белохвост 2017

    Some reports presented and posters on the International Conference SEAEAGLE 2017

    Reports presented on the II International White-tailed Sea Eagle Conference 2017 (Roosta, Estonia, 5-7 October 2017).

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