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The Harriers of the Palearctic: Systematics, distribution and features of ecology in Northern Eurasia

The Harriers of the Palearctic: Systematics, distribution and features of ecology in Northern Eurasia: Proceedings of the VII International Conference on Birds of Prey and Owls of Northern Eurasia, Sochi, 19-24 September 2016 / Eds. I.V. Fefelov, A.Yu. Sokolov. Rostov-on-Don, 2016. 180 p. (ISBN 978-5-9275-2053-4)

Download PDF (2,7 Mb) from our website >>>


General characteristics of the Harrier distribution and ecology in the Palearctic

Bakka S.V., Kiseleva N.Yu., Levashkin A.P. Harriers in Nizhny Novgorod Region (distribution, numbers, conservation problems)

Bukreev S.A., Boldbaatar Sh., Zvonov B.M. Harriers ofMongolia

Efimenko N.N. Harriers, Circus, inTurkmenistan

Ilyukh M.P. The Montagu’s and the Marsh Harriers inStavropolTerritory

Lebedeva G.P. Harriers of Samara Region and adjacent territories: species composition and habitat preferences

Meshcheryakova N.O. Harriers in theVolgaRiver delta and in the surrounding areas

Redinov K.A., Petrovich Z.O. Harriers in Nykolaiv Region

Soloviev S.A., Shvydko I.A. Harriers (Circus) in the south-western part ofWestern Siberia at the end of XX and beginning of the XXI century

Telpov V.A., Yufereva V.V., Yuferev D.P. Harriers in the avifauna of Kislovodsk and the surrounding area

Fedosov V.N. Phenology and presence status of Harriers in the Manych area

Fedosov V.N., Fedosov А.V. Distribution of Harrier species in the south of the Orenburg Region in May 2016

Shergalin J.E. Roger Jeoffrey Clarke (1952-2007) – accountant who became the leading expert on harriers ofEurasia

Shokhrin V.P. Harriers in the south-east of thePrimorskyTerritory

Status and regional ecology patterns of the Light Harriers in the Palearctic

Batryakov R.R., Bragin E.A. On ecology of the Montagu’s Harrier in Naurzum State Nature Reserve,Kostanay Region,Kazakhstan

Belik V.P., Gugueva Е.V. Distribution and presence status of the Hen Harrier in Volgograd Region and others regions along theVolgaRiver

Belik V.P., Gugueva Е.V. Distribution, numbers dynamic, penology of migrations and elements of breeding ecology of the Montagu’s and Pallid Harriers in Volgograd Region

Bragin E.A., Bragin A.E. The Pallid and Montagu’s Harriers in steppe of the Kustanay Region

Domashevskiy S.V. On the phenology of the Pallid Harrier’s migration inNorthern Ukraine

Romanov V.V., Bykov Yu.A., Sergeev M.A. Distribution and numbers of the «light Harriers», genus Circus, at the territory of Vladimir Region

Sokolov A.Yu. The current status of the «light Harriers» in the South of the Central Black Earth Region

The Marsh Harriers of the Palearctic

Bochkarev V.V., Kirillin R.A., Vasilieva V.K., Shemyakin E.V., Isaev A.P. On the Eastern Marsh Harrier ecology in suburbs ofYakutsk city

Vengerov P.D. Features of the Marsh Harrier ecology in the conditions of the Oka-Don lowland (the Voronezh Region)

Ivanovskiy V.V. The Marsh Harrier in Belarusian Poozerie in 1998-2015

Melnikov Yu.I. On the distribution, biology and subspecies of the Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosus in the south ofEast Siberia

Spiridonov S.N. The Marsh Harrier in the man-made water bodies of Mordovia

Fefelov I.V. The Eurasian and Eastern Marsh-harriers in the Siberian – Central Asian contact zone and outside: the current situation



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OUTCOMES of the II International Scientific anp Practical Conference “Eagles of Palearctic: Study and Conservation”

Орлы Палеарктики: изучение и охрана

OUTCOMES of the II International Scientific Conference “Eagles Palaearctics: Study and Conservation”, held from 7 to 10 September 2018 in Katun vill. (Altai Kray, Russia), have been prepared.

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Орлы Палеарктики: изучение и охрана

Reports presented on the II International Scientific and Practical Conference ‘Eagles of Palearctic: Study and Conservation”

Reports presented on the II International Scientific and Practical Conference ‘Eagles of Palearctic: Study and Conservation” (Park-Hotel Lake Aya, Katun village, Altai Kray, Russia, 7-10 September 2018).

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