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A possibility of determining age of nestlings of White-tailed Eagles by means of visual features of developing plumage. – Raptors Conservation 36

PDF (22.94 Mb) >>

PDF (28.13 Mb) >>Supplementary files: A complete photo table summarizing the screenshots of the images from the Estonian, Latvian and Russian web-cameras on the nests of the White-Tailed Eagles

Full reference: Bekmansurov R.H. A possibility of determining age of nestlings of White-tailed Eagles by means of visual features of developing plumage. – Raptors Conservation. 2018. 36: 44–72. DOI: 10.19074/1814-8654-2018-36-44-72


The method for determining the age of the White-Tailed Eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) nestlings was proposed. This method is based on photo tables made on the basis of stop-frames of web cameras installed on the nests of White-Tailed Eagles in Estonia, Latvia and Russia. The method will be useful for researchers who monitor the nests by remote methods, for example using drones.


birds of prey, raptors, White-Tailed Eagle, Haliaeetus albicilla, age of nestlings


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