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Raptors Conservation. Suppl. 1

Raptors Conservation Suppl. 1



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Appeal to readers. Karyakin I.V.

Welcome Address to the Conference Participants. Bakka S.V.

Proceedings of Conferences

II International Scientific and Practical Conference “Eagles of Palearctic: Study and Conservation”, 7–10 September, 2018, Park-Hotel Lake Aya, Katun village, Altai Kray, Russia

Distribution, Population Status, Ecology and Conservation of Eagles

Stability of Territorial Bounds in Birds of Prey as Indicator of Their Life Strategies. Kuznetsov A.V., Galushin V.M., Babushkin M.V.

Trophic Niches of Large Birds of Prey and Adaptive Mechanisms for Their Separation in Forest-bog Complexes During the Breeding Period. Ivanovsky V.V.

Demographic Risk to Eagles from Anthropogenic Causes of Death. Katzner T., Nelson D.M., Braham M.A., Miller T.A., Culver R.C., DeWoody J.A.

UNEP/CMS Raptors MoU. Williams N.P.

Nature Conservation in Estonia Using the Example of Eagles. Kaldma K.

The Role of Various Forms of Territorial Nature Protection in Conservation of Breeding Groups of Large Birds of Prey Under Conditions of the Center of European Russia. Bakka S.V., Kiseleva N.Yu.

Long-term Monitoring of the Steller’s Sea Eagles at the Northern Sea of Okhotsk: What Did We Learn? Potapov E.R., Utekhina I.G., McGrady M.J.

First Year Dispersion of White-tailed Sea Eagles from Central Europe, Based on GPS/GSM Telemetry. Horal D., Literák I., Raab R., Spakovszky P., Makoň K., Matušík H., Mráz J., Machálková V., Rymešová D., Váczi M.

Tracking the White-tailed Eagle Movements by Means of GPS/GSM-transmitters. Pchelintsev V.G., Sellis U., Kuze J., Shashkin M.M.

Study of White-tailed Eagle Migrations from Dagestan State Nature Reserve. Bekmansurov R.H., Dzhamirzoev G.S., Karyakin I.V.

Dynamics of Population Numbers and Biology of the White-tailed Eagle in Steppe Forests of the Tobol-Ishim Interfluve, Kazakhstan. Bragin E.A., Bragin A.E.

Trend of White-tailed Eagles Breeding in Japan During the Past Quarter-century. Shiraki S.

Survey of the Ecology and Plantation Strategy for Conservation of White-bellied Sea Eagle. Mestri P., Pejavar M., Dawane R.

Hazards in the Urban Jungle: Managing Human-wildlife Conflicts of Crowned Eagles. Sumasgutner P., McPherson Sh.

Breeding Habitat Requirements of Bonelli’s Eagle and Trends in Eastern Morocco: Implications for Conservation Planning. Cherkaoui S.I., Essabbani A.

Nesting Habitat Selection and Breeding Distribution of Two Sympatric Insular Eagle Populations: The Golden Eagle and the Bonelli’s Eagle on the Island of Crete, Greece. Xirouchakis S., Solanou M., Georgopoulou E.

Golden Eagle in Altai Kray. Vazhov S.V., Baсhtin R.F., Karyakin I.V., Smelyanskiy I.E., Barashkova A.N., Nikolenko E.G., Bekmansurov R.H., Kolotov N.A.

Sustainable Protection of the Lesser Spotted Eagle in Germany by Purchasing Land and Managing the Reproduction Rate. Meyburg B.-U., Unselt C., Aftyka S., Bergmanis U., Boerner I., Graszynski K., Hinz A., Kozicka Gradziuk M., Langgemach T., Lehnigk I., Meyburg C., Simm-Schönholz I., Wójciak J.

Distribution, Abundance, Breeding Performance and Habitat Requirements of the Lesser Spotted Eagle in South-east Bulgaria. Demerdzhiev D.A., Dobrev D.D., Arkumarev V.S., Terziev N.G., Popgeorgiev G.S.

Is Lesser Spotted Eagle Going Further East? Melnikov V.N.

Study of Territorial Connections in Eagles by Color Ringing Method within the Program of the Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network. Bekmansurov R.H., Babushkin M.V., Karyakin I.V.

Genetic Determination of Migration Strategies in Large Soa-ring Birds: Evidence from Hybrid Spotted Eagles. Väli Ü., Mirski P., Sellis U., Dagys M., Maciorowski G.

Censuses and Observations from a Raptor Migration Bottleneck, Hatay Turkey: Phenology and Threats. Özbahar İ., Gül M.

Autumn Migration of Eagles in the South Baikal Migratory Pass: Dynamics for 30 Years. Alexeyenko M.N., Povarintsev A.I., Fefelov I.V.

Migration and Nesting of Eagles in the Upper Reaches of Angara River. Melnikov Yu.I.

Conservation Status of Breeding Eagles in France. Canevet M.-F., Lhomer E., Michelat D., Pontalier H., Riols C.

Five Years Eagle Studies Results from Remda Peninsula, Pskov Region, Russia. Sein G., Pchelintsev V.G., Sellis U., Sidenko M., Vali Ü.

Modern Status of the Eagles in the State Nature Reserve “Opuksky” and its Surroundings. Sikorsky I.A.

Representatives of the Geni of Aquila and Haliaeetus in the Nesting Fauna of the Central Black Earth Region: Current Status and Prospects for Existence. Sokolov A.Yu., Sarychev V.S., Vlasov A.A.

New Data on Distribution and Population Number of Large Birds of Prey in Nizhny Novgorod Region, Russia. Shukov P.M.

Rare Birds of Prey in the Usinsk Territory (Western Sayan). Suprankova N.A.

Rare species of Birds of Prey in the Russian Part of Transboundary Biosphere Reserve “Bolshoy Altai”. Rakin E.M.

Raptors and Biology Conservation

Condors, Caracaras and the Antisana Ecological Reserve: Have Recent Conservation Efforts Backfired! Welford M.R.

II International Meeting on Conservation of Steppe Eagle (Aquila nipalensis)

Status of the Steppe Eagle in the World: “White Spots” in Distribution, Population Numbers, Ecology and Threats. Karyakin I.V.

On the State of the Steppe Eagle Nesting Population in the Western Foothills of Altai (Results of the Monitoring Work in Altai Kray, Russia). Smelansky I.E., Barashkova A.N., Karyakin I.V.

Distribution, Population Number and Breeding Success of the Steppe Eagle in the Altai-Sayan Region. Karyakin I.V., Nikolenko E.G., Shnayder E.P.

Population Status and Conservation Issues of Steppe Eagle in the Daurian Steppe, Russia. Goroshko O.A.

How Fast Does the Steppe Eagle Population Decline?: Survey Results from Eilat, Israel. Weiss N.

Migration Count of Steppe Eagle at Thoolakharka Watch Site, Nepal. Subedi T.R., Gurung S., Baral H.S.

Annual Movements of Two Steppe Eagles, and Their Use of Rubbish Dumps in Arabia During the Winter. McGrady M.J., Meyburg B.-U.

Direction, Nature and Timing of Migration of the Steppe Eagles from the Volga-Ural and Altai-Sayan Regions (Russia) on Data of the GSM/GPS and Argos/GPS-telemetry. Karyakin I.V., Nikolenko E.G., Shnayder E.P., Horváth M., Prommer M., Juhász T., Bartoszuk K., Zinevich L.S.

Human Impact on Steppe Eagle and other Birds of Prey in North-West Rajasthan, India. Bohra D.L., Vyas S.

VIII International Conference on the Conservation of the Eastern Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca)

Eastern Imperial Eagle on Its Most North-west Distribution Edge. Schmidt M., Horal D.

Status and Trends in the Eastern Imperial Eagle Population Between 1977 and 2018 in Slovakia. Chavko J., Deutschová L., Veselovský T., Galis M., Guziová Z., Doktorová S.

Population dynamics and dietary changes of Eastern Imperial Eagles in Hungary. Horváth M., Fatér I., Juhász T., Deák G., Pásztory-Kovács S.

Results of the First Monitoring of the Eastern Imperial Eagle and the Causes of the Disappearance of the Last Pairs in the Area of Deliblato Sands, Serbia. Ham I.I.

Long-term Population Survey of the Eastern Imperial Eagle in the Thracian Eco-region (Bulgaria and Turkey). Demerdzhiev D.A., Dobrev D.D., Stoychev S.A., Levent I.E., Petrov Tz.H., Boev Z.N.

Breeding Population Surveys of Eastern Imperial Eagles and Steppe Eagles in Central Anatolia, Turkey. Horváth M., Béres I., Özcan C., Juhász T., Kovács A., Tatar B., Karyakin I., Schmidt M., Tavares J.

Distribution, population number and status of the Eastern Imperial Eagle in Russia and Kazakhstan. Karyakin I.V.

Results of Monitoring of Imperial Eagle Breeding in the Republic of Tatarstan from 2012 to 2018. Bekmansurov R.H., Bekmansurova N.V.

Features of Spatial Distribution and Population Number of the Imperial Eagle in the Kostanay Region, Kazakhstan. Bragin E.A., Bragin A.E.

Satellite Tracking of Adult and Immature Eastern Imperial Eagles. Meyburg B.-U., Meyburg C.

Post-fledging Dependent Behaviour, Dispersion and Migration of Young Eastern Imperial Eagles from Slovakia as Revealed by Satellite Telemetry. Meyburg B.-U., Chavko J., Chrenkova M., Danko S., Meyburg C.

Territory Structure of the Eastern Imperial Eagle in the Jászság Region, Hungary. Juhász T., Gönye Z., Prommer M., Fatér I., Pásztory-Kovács S., Horváth M.

Juvenile Dispersal Movements of Eastern Imperial Eagles in the Resident Populations. Horváth M., Juhász T., Fatér I., Schmidt M., Dvorak M., Wendelin B., Wichmann G., †Gamauf A., McGrady M., Raab R., Spakovszky P., Stoychev S., Demerdzhiev D., Spasov S., Dobrev D., Meyburg B.-U., Horal D., Literak I., Chavko J., Veselovský T., Guziová Z., Javakhishvili N., Tatar B., Özcan C., Lisichanets E., Zsolt H., Prommer M.

Dispersal and Mortality of Eastern Imperial Eagles from Bulgaria. Stoychev S.A., Demerdzhiev D.A., Dobrev D.D., Spasov S.D., Meyburg B.-U., Popgeorgiev G.S.

Studying of Migrations and Wintering Sites of Imperial Eagle from Volga Region Using GPS/GSM-trackers. Korepov M.V., Kovalev V.V.

Direction, Nature and Timing of Migration of the Imperial Eagles from the Volga-Ural Region and Russian Altai (Russia) on Data of the GSM/GPS and Argos/GPS-telemetry. Karyakin I.V., Nikolenko E.G., Shnayder E.P., Horváth M., Prommer M., Juhász T., Pazhenkov A.S., Zinevich L.S.

Using Search Dogs to Reduce Raptor Poisoning in Hungary. Deák G., Horváth M.

The First Anti Poison Dog Unit in Bulgaria to Secure the Eagle and Vulture Populations Persistence. Dobrev D.D., Terziev N.G.

International Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) Workgroup Meeting

The Portuguese Osprey Reintroduction Project: Achievements, Lessons and Perspectives. Palma L., Safara J., Dias A., Ferreira J., Mirinha M., Beja P.

Breeding Status of Ospreys in Egypt (Red Sea) from 2012 to 2018. Habib M.I.

Finnish Ospreys 1971–2017: Conservation and Research. Saurola P.

The Annual Cycle of German Adult Ospreys – Studies in the Breeding and Wintering Areas as Well as During Migration Since 1995 by Means of Satellite Telemetry. Meyburg B.-U., Roepke D., Meyburg C., Van Wijk R.

Osprey in Estonia and Latvia: Overview. Sellis U., Kalvāns A.

Present Population Number and Distribution of Osprey on the Coasts of Large Waterbodies of North-West Russia. Babushkin M.V., Kuznetsov A.V.

Geographical Movements of Ospreys in the North-west of Russia. Pchelintsev V.G., Sellis U., Sein G.

Autumn Migration Behaviour of Ospreys Inhabiting the North-West of Russia. Babushkin M.V., Kuznetsov A.V., Delgado M.M.

Intraspeciefic Relationship, Ecology and Chronology of the Breeding, Food Composition and Seasonal Movement of Ospreys from Northern Belarus. Kitel D.A., Kazakova A.V.

On Relations of the Osprey and the White-Tailed Eagle in Northern Belarus. Ivanovsky V.V.

Osprey in the Altai-Sayan Region, Russia. Karyakin I.V.

International Workshop “Raptors and Energy Infrastructure”

How to Reduce the Mortality of Birds from Electric Facilities? Shkradyuk I.E.

Eagle Flight Behavior and Risk from Wind Energy. Katzner T., Miller T.A., Duerr A.E., Braham M.A., Lanzone M., Brandes D., Cooper J.

Estimating Numbers of Fatalities of Eagles and Other Large Raptors at Wind Energy Facilities or Along Power Lines. Huso M.

Assessing Risk to Birds from Industrial Wind Energy Development via Paired Resource Selection Models. Miller T.A., Brooks R.P., Lanzone M.J., Brandes D., Cooper J., Katzner T.E.

Golden Eagle Electrocutions – a Persistent Global Issue. Harness R.E., Mojica E.K.

Solution to a Raptor Electrocution Problem in the Daurian Steppe, Russia. Goroshko O.A.

Death of Eagles on Overhead Power-lines in Kazakhstan: Review of the Actual State of the Issue. Pulikova G.I., Voronova V.V.

New Methods of Eagle Research

Use of Innovative Telemetry Methods to Asses Interactions Between Wind Farms and Wildlife. Pérez-García J.M., Carrete M., Arrondo E., Cortés-Avizanda A., de la Riva M., Sánchez-Zapata J.A., Donázar J.A.

Research Support System and Dataloggers by “Aquila” Company. Bartoszuk K.

Databases, GIS and Web-sites for Studying and Protecting Eagles

Web-GIS “Faunistics” – the Online Database for Crowdsourcing Data Collecting on Biodiversity. Karyakin I.V., Kamenskiy D.A., Grachev E.A.

A New Website on Feather Identification – Korepova D.A.

International Scientific and Applicative Workshop “Molecular Genetic Analysis in Raptors Research: Basic and Practical Aspects”, 9 September 2018, Park-Hotel Lake Aya, Katun village, Altai Kray, Russia

Molecular Genetic Markers for Birds Evolutionary and Population Research. Kulikov A.M.

DNA-based Approach to Wildlife Conservation: What Can and Can’t be Done? Schepetov D.M.

Molecular Sexing and Other PCR Routines in Raptors Research. Zinevich L.S., Rozhkova D.N., Nikolenko E.G., Shnayder E.P., Karyakin I.V.

The Imperial Eagle Population Genetic Structure Across the Ex-USSR: Preliminary Data. Zinevich L.S., Bekmansurov R.H., Nikolenko E.G., Viter S.G., Kovalenko A.V., Tambovceva V.G., Karyakin I.V.

Genetic Differentiation and Polymorphism of the Volga Population of Eastern Imperial Eagle According to Mitochondrial DNA Analysis. Korepov M.V., Stryukov S.A.

The Effect of a Bottleneck on Genomic Variation: a Study of the White-Tailed Eagle in Iceland. Hansen Ch.C.R., Westfall K.M., Skarphéðinsson K.H., Pálsson S.

Estimatioin of Origin of White-tailed Eagles that Collide with Wind Turbines During the Wintering Period in Hokkaido, Japan. Shiraki S., Sugimoto T.

Population Processes of Genetic Divergence in Palearctic Buzzards During the Late Pleistocene: Advance Report. Jowers M.J., Sánchez-Ramírez S., Lopes S., Karyakin I., Dombrovski V., Qninba A., Valkenberg T., Onofre N., Ferrand N., Beja P., Palma L., Godinho R.

Phylogeography of the Black Kite Based on Mitochondrial Cytochrome B Gene Polymorphism. Andreenkova N.G., Andreenkov O.V., Karyakin I.V., Starikov I.Yu., Wink M., Zhimulev I.F.

Diversity of Gyrfalcon and Saker Falcon Based on Morphological and Genetic Characteristics. Nechaeva A.V., Belokon M.M., Belokon Yu.S., Sarychev E.I., Beme I.R.

Molecular Genetic Support of the Recovery of the Saker Falcon population in the Altai-Sayan Region. Rozhkova D.N., Zinevich L.S., Nikolenko E.G., Redkin Ya.A., Tambovceva V.G., Shnayder E.P., Schepetov D.M., Karyakin I.V.

Dynamics of Steppe Regions in Pleistocene and Holocene in Light of Molecular-genetic Variability of Ground Squirrels (Marmotini) in Mongolia. Kapustina S.Yu., Adiya Ya., Brandler O.V.

Interregional Ornithological Meeting “Important Bird Areas of Russia and Voluntary Forest Certification (FSC-certification)”, 9 September 2018, Park-Hotel Lake Aya, Katun village, Altai Kray, Russia

Regional Important Bird Areas: Development of Criteria, Problems of IBARs Allocation and Their Integration into the Special Protected Areas System – Nizhny Novgorod Experience. Bakka S.V., Kiseleva N.Yu.

Raptor Conservation in Forest Management – Problems and Possible Mechanisms. Kobyakov K.N.


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OUTCOMES of the II International Scientific anp Practical Conference “Eagles of Palearctic: Study and Conservation”

Орлы Палеарктики: изучение и охрана

OUTCOMES of the II International Scientific Conference “Eagles Palaearctics: Study and Conservation”, held from 7 to 10 September 2018 in Katun vill. (Altai Kray, Russia), have been prepared.

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Пернатые хищники и их охрана 38

Raptors Conservation 38

The new issue of the Raptors Conservation Journal №38 has been published. The issue contains the Proceedings of the II International Scientific Conference “Eagles of Palearctic: Study and Conservation”.

Орлы Палеарктики: изучение и охрана

Reports presented on the II International Scientific and Practical Conference ‘Eagles of Palearctic: Study and Conservation”

Reports presented on the II International Scientific and Practical Conference ‘Eagles of Palearctic: Study and Conservation” (Park-Hotel Lake Aya, Katun village, Altai Kray, Russia, 7-10 September 2018).

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