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    First case of the Steller’s Sea Eagle breeding to the natal area in the northern part of the Sea of Okhotsk, Russia. – Raptors Conservation 36

    Utekhina I.G., Potapov E.R., McGrady M.J.

    In summer 2017 we found a Steller’s Sea Eagle carrying the red ring 8E on the right leg. The bird was a member of a territorial pair occupying the M-12 breeding territory at the Kava river, Tauy River basin, Magadan State Nature Reserve, Northern part of the Sea of Okhotsk.

    Red-Footed Falcon and Amur Falcon in the Tyva Republic, Russia. – Raptors Conservation 36

    Karyakin I.V., Nikolenko E.G., Andreenkov O.V., Andreenkova N.G.

    In this short report contains modern information about breeding Red-Footed Falcon and Amur Falcon in the Republic of Tyva.

    Monitoring Results from the Breeding Group of Egyptian Vulture at Narat-Tyube Ridge and GPS/GSM Tracking Data from Juvenile Egyptian Vultures (Republic of Dagestan, Russia). – Raptors Conservation 36

    Karyakin I.V., Bekmansurov R.H., Nikolenko E.G., Dzhamirzoev G.S.

    This article represents a data obtained during observing a breeding group of Egyptian Vultures and GPS-tracking of 4 juvenile birds from the breeding group located on the Narat-Tyube ridge, State Nature Reserve “Dagestanskiy”, Dagestan, Russia.

    Characteristic of Birds of Prey migration in the Kharkov region, Ukraine. – Raptors Conservation 36

    Viter S.G.

    This article describes the characteristic of the raptor’s (Accipitriformes, Falconiformes) migration through Eastern European plains.

    A possibility of determining age of nestlings of White-tailed Eagles by means of visual features of developing plumage. – Raptors Conservation 36

    Bekmansurov R.H.

    The method for determining the age of the White-Tailed Eagle nestlings was proposed. This method is based on photo tables made on the basis of stop-frames of web cameras installed on the nests of White-Tailed Eagles in Estonia, Latvia and Russia.

    Overview of criminal cases concerning illegal withdrawal of wild falcons and related prosecutions in Russia and neighboring countries. – Raptors Conservation 36

    Nikolenko E.G.

    This article was prepared according on the analysis of the situation with the poaching and smuggling of falcons (Gyrfalcon, Saker Falcon and Peregrine Falcon) in Russia and near abroad countries in 2016–2017.

    Events. – Raptors Conservation 36


    Ornithological news, events, conferences, resolutions of conferences, news of legislation, contraband of falcons

    New Publications and Videos. – Raptors Conservation 35


    Karyakin I.V., Kovalenko A.V., Barashkova A.N., Smelansky I.E., Nikolenko E.G. Strategy of the Steppe Eagle conservation in the Russian Federation. Moscow, 2016. 43 p. ISBN 978-5-9908314-2-1

    The First Find of the Imperial Eagle’s Nest at the Pole of High-Voltage Power Transmission Line in the Republic of Altai, Russia. – Raptors Conservation 35

    Nikolenko E.G., Rakin E.M., Alekseenko M.N., Maslov A.A.

    Living nest of the Imperial Eagle was found on the high-voltage power line in the valley of the Ursul river (Ongudai district of the Altai Republic)

    The First Record of the Peregrine Falcon Nesting on a Tree, Russia. – Raptors Conservation 35

    Andreenkov O.V., Andreenkova N.G., Zhimulev I.F., Von Euler F.

    On April 29, 2017, in the east of the Novosibirsk region, a Peregrine Falcon nest was found on a birch in the old nest of a Black Kite. The nesting tree is located under a steep offshore slope on the right bank of the river Inya, so that the nest is well within view from the shore. There were 5 eggs in the clutch.

    Breeding Ecology of Cinereous Vulture in Tien-Shan Mountains, China. – Raptors Conservation 35

    Roller MaMing, Xu Liu, Shuchao Wang, Daoning Wu

    During 2016 and 2017, we observed 4 nests of the Cinereous Vulture in the middle of the Tien Shan Mountains, the west of China, and tried to follow them by the GPS/GSM dataloggers. We continuously observed nesting birds and recorded their behavior. The duration of the field works was about 40 days that makes in total more than 500 hours.

    Steppe Eagle in the Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan. – Raptors Conservation 35

    Karyakin I.V., Nikolenko E.G., Zinevich L.S., Pulikova G.I.

    Between June 22 and July 18, 2017, fieldworks were carried out to study the population structure and demographic characteristics of the Steppe Eagle breeding groups in the central part of the Karaganda region of Kazakhstan. In the course of the work 808 birds we found, 280 Steppe Eagle breeding territories were localized. Within 10 registration areas 277 Steppe Eagle breeding territories were examined, including 70 successful nests with 102 nestlings. For the area of habitats suitable for breeding across the Karaganda region, the abundance of the Steppe Eagle in nesting was 4,794–5,814, at average 5,275 pairs and 2,183–2,647, at average 2,402 successful pairs.

    A Possibility of Morphometrical Determining of Sex of Steppe Eagle Nestlings from Western and Eastern Populations? – Raptors Conservation 35

    Karyakin I.V., Zinevich L.S., Shnayder E.P.

    This article presents a morphometric method for determining sex of nestlings of the Steppe Eagles from different breeding populations that belongs to different size classes. The method is based on classification formula obtained via linear discriminant analysis conducted for the data set of measurements of Steppe Eagle’s nestlings from Central Kazakhstan and Altai Republic in 2017. To control the sex determination of nestlings a molecular-genetics method was used.

    The First Results of the Project on Restoration of Genetic Diversity of the Saker Falcon Populations in the Altai-Sayan Region, Russia. – Raptors Conservation 35

    Karyakin I.V., Zinevich L.S., Rozhkova D.N., Nikolenko E.G., Shnayder E.P., Sarychev E.I., Beme I.R.

    On summer 2017 a pilot project on population recovery of Saker Falcon (Falco cherrug) was conducted in Altai-Sayan region of Russia. Ten 20-days old falcons of “Altaic” morph from a breeding center were placed in nests of wild falcons of other color morphs.

    Size of Specially Protected Forest Sites for Raptors: What Size of These Sites Should be for Protect the Raptor’s Breeding Territories? – Raptors Conservation 35

    Karyakin I.V., Nikolenko E.G., Bakka S.V.

    The article analyzes the influence of various types of felling on the occupation of breeding territories by different species of raptors mainly in the Altai Territory forests. Responses of birds of prey to the disturbance factor are also analyzed. Flight initiation distance is determined for each species. A review of international and Russian experience of buffer zones and specially protected forest areas (SPFA) around nests of raptors was made. On this basis, the article presents the sizes of specially protected forest areas, thus it is possible to preserve breeding territories of different birds of prey species.

    The Experience in Creating Protected Zones Around Nests of Birds of Prey and Black Stork in Ukraine. – Raptors Conservation 35

    Viter S.G.

    This article concludes a brief information about the project for the creation of protected zones around nests of the raptors and black storks in different national parks in the framework of a project supported by the Rufford Foundation in 2017. There are references to the legislative acts that made possible this work. Proposals on the size of protected zones around nests of different raptors species have been are given

    Stand of the Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network on the Issue of Biodiversity Conservation in Forest IBAs in the Course of Forestry Activity. – Raptors Conservation 35

    Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network

    This article suggests ways of preserving biodiversity in the course of logging on the IBAs.

    Ring Recoveries from Steppe Eagles and Eastern Imperial Eagles from the Russian and Kazakhstan Breeding Populations and a Review of Major Threats to Eagles in Iraq. – Raptors Conservation 35

    Omar F. Al-Sheikhly, Ali N. Al-Barazangi, Mukhtar K. Haba, Nadheer A. Fazaa, Husham K. Abdulzahra, Mufid Kassim Abou Turab, Ahmad J. Al-Azawi.

    The article summarizes ring recoveries from 2 Steppe Eagles and 2 Eastern Imperial Eagles from Iraq that were ringed in Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as ring recoveries from 2 Steppe Eagles and 3 Eastern Imperial Eagles from the border regions of Iraq (Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia) that were ringed in Russia. Threats for eagles in Iraq are discussed in this article.

    Results of Work of the Raptor Ringing Center of the Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network in 2016. – Raptors Conservation 35

    Bekmansurov R.H., Karyakin I.V., Babushkin M.V., Levashkin A.P., Pchelintsev V.G.

    In work of the Raptor Ringing Center of the Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network in 2016 participated 30 ornithologists-researchers and birdwatchers who have ringed in total 295 individuals of 23 species of birds of prey and owls in the 19 regions of the Russia. For period from 1 June 2016 – 30 May 2017 the information was received about the registration of 34 birds with rings from which 32 birds were identified.

    International Conference “White-Tailed Sea Eagle 2017”. – Raptors Conservation 35

    Bekmansurov R.H.

    International Conference “White-tailed Sea Eagle 2017” was held on October 5–7, 2017 in Estonia. 93 ornithologists from 20 countries took part in it. 37 presentations and 15 poster reports were presented at the Conference.

    Resolution Adopted at the International Conference “White-tailed Sea Eagle 2017”. – Raptors Conservation 35


    International Conference “White-tailed Sea Eagle 2017” was held in North-Western Estonia at Roosta Holiday Village (Noarootsi, Läänemaa) in October 5-7, 2017. As the result of Conference a Resolution has been taken.

    Events. – Raptors Conservation 35


    Ornithological news, events, conferences

    Oleg Vilievich Mitropolskiy (1938–2017). – Raptors Conservation 34

    Kovshar A.F., Mitropolskiy M.G.

    On the night of February 23d to 24th 2017 in Tashkent, after a serious illness, the leading ornithologist of Uzbekistan and an expert in interspecies relations of vertebrates and invertebrates in plague hot spots in Middle Asia, a zoologist of a wide profile, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Oleg Vilievich Mitropolskiy passed away.

    About Breeding Biology of the Scops Owl Near the Tyumen, Russia. – Raptors Conservation 34

    Mansurov R.I.

    In October 2015 we returned to linden forests and installed 4 nestboxes. In the beginning of June 2016 the accounting showed that two pairs of displaying Scops Owl were present on the area with artificial nests and on the 3rd of July2016 in one of the nestboxes we found a Scops Owl female with 5 nestlings.

    New Data on Distribution of the Ural Owl in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. – Raptors Conservation 34

    Bekmansurov R.H.

    From 26/10/2016 to 29/10/2016 during the examination of ravines with broadleafed forests on the right bank of Volga Ural owls were seen on five areas in daytime. Three of them were seen in Kamsko-Ustyinsky district with the distance between points of sighting 2 and 6 km.

    The First Record of Nesting of the Osprey on the Highvoltage Power Pole in the Sayan Mountains, Russia. – Raptors Conservation 34

    Karyakin I.V., Nikolenko E.G., Prommer M., Kazi R.

    There was an inhabited Osprey nest found on 22th of June, 2016 on the route along Bolshoy On river at 1321 m above sea level altitude. This nest was built on horizontal beam of metallic pillar of high-voltage powerline near Abaza – Akdovurak highway.

    New Data about Breeding of the Pallid Harrier in the Nizhniy Novgorod Region, Russia. – Raptors Conservation 34

    Shukov P.M.

    The author found 7 nests of the Pallid Harrier in Nizhniy Novgorod region in 2014–2016. Adult hunting individuals were seen on 4 territories, but the nests weren’t discovered

    About Nesting of the Peregrine Falcon on the Water Tower in the Altai Kray, Russia. – Raptors Conservation 34

    Vazhov S.V., Bachtin R.F.

    (Русский) В окрестностях г. Бийска среди жилых домов 29 июня 2016 г. был найден птенец сокола, о чем нам сообщила местная жительница Е. Шитикова. По её словам, птенец, скорее всего, выпрыгнул из гнезда на водонапорной башне из-за беспокойства рабочими. Следы успешного размножения сапсанов (успешное гнездо, покинутое слётками) обнаружены на бетонной площадке частично поросшей травой на вершине башни.

    Nesting of Gyrfalcon on the Artificial Structures in the State Nature Reserve “Nenetsky”, Russia. – Raptors Conservation 34

    Kitel D.A., Bogomolova Yu.M.

    All nests used by Gyrfalcons on the territory of “Nenetsky” State Nature Reserve were situated on wooden towers. There had been a known nesting of Gyrfalcon on triangular tower on Lovetsky island since 1987. In August of 2015 we reinforced old wooden triangular tower on Kostyanoy Nos peninsula. A pair of Gyrfalcons took this nest the following year and successfully reproduced.

    About records of the Blakiston’s Fish Owl on the northern coast of the Sea of Okhotsk, Russia. – Raptors Conservation 34

    Utekhina I.G., Potapov E.R.

    The Blakiston’s Fish Owl is a rare endemic of eastern Asia, breeding in the Sea of Japan and Sea of Okhotsk basin. Up until now, the northern limits of the breeding range was thought to be the Chelomdja and the Yana rivers of the Tauy bay of the Sea of Okhotsk species were reported from the beginning of 21 Century in the Yama portion of the Magadan State Reserve.

    Raptors conservation


    OUTCOMES of the II International Scientific anp Practical Conference “Eagles of Palearctic: Study and Conservation”

    Орлы Палеарктики: изучение и охрана

    OUTCOMES of the II International Scientific Conference “Eagles Palaearctics: Study and Conservation”, held from 7 to 10 September 2018 in Katun vill. (Altai Kray, Russia), have been prepared.

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    Грифовые птицы фауны Украины

    Vultures of the Ukrainian fauna

    The monograph is devoted to the vultures that are part of the fauna of Ukraine: the Black Vulture, Griffon Vulture, Egyptian Vulture and Bearded Vulture. Comprehensive information on the distribution of vultures on the territory of Ukraine in the past and present is given, original data on biology, population dynamics, current population numbers and composition of populations are presented.

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