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I want to join the Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network

Thank you that you want to join the Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network!


Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network – RRRCN – is a non-governmental association of ornithologists, birdwatchers, ornithological and environmental organizations, which in cooperation seek to learn the birds of prey and owls that live in the vast territory of Russia and neighboring countries and promote their conservation.

If you are interested in watching the birds of prey, or if you represent an organization, whose activities are connected with the study and conservation of raptors, we would be glad to see you among the members of the Network.

Membership in the Network is not subject to mandatory contributions, but requires the activity and participation in the Network. More information about the rights and obligations of members you can see in the Charter of the Network >>>. Now the Network is realizing 5 research and 5 conservation programs, publishes the Journal «Pernatye Khischniki i ikh Okhrana / Raptors Conservation» and maintains the web-site. For more information about the activities see Information about the Network >>>

Network members are required to make a contribution to the development of the Network, which can be expressed in participation in research and conservation programs, campaigns, inspections or in their financial support (or with equipment), supplementing the databases, assist in the preparing of publications of the Network (layout, proofreading, translation, distribution, etc.), maintaining the web site (information support, programming, moderation), fundraising and advertising of the Network activities in the Internet, the media and at conferences.

Members of the Network are required to provide a brief report on their participation in the activities of the Network at the end of the year.

Network members are eligible to participate in the meetings of the Network and the development of Networks, in the determination of the Network activities and the election of project leaders and regional representatives, publish papers on the results of their own research on birds of prey in editions of the Network, receive them for free, paying only the post costs, place their information in the news site, share your publications in the library site, post pictures in the gallery site.

To become a member of the Network, you have to register on the site, to get recommendations from two members of the Network, and submit the application to join the RRRCN group on the forum. Once your application is accepted and approved by the leadership of the Network, you’ll be included in the group and can be considered a full member of the RRRCN.
Exclusion of members of the Network (from the RRRCN on the forum) may requested by a member personally, as well as on the basis of the decision of the Network leadership – for the lack of participation in the Network activities or for activities contrary to the aims and objectives of the Network.


To submit the application to join the Network:
1. Register on the site (if you’re not yet registered), by clicking here >>>
2. After registering click your User Control Panel >>> , on the forum; select Groups >>>, select the RRRCN, click the check box to the right
3. In menu «Choice» select «Join the selected» and send your application to join the Network by clicking «Send» at the bottom right of the window

We wish you success in the study and conservation of raptors together with friends that you will find among the members of the Russian Raptor Research and Conservation Network!


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Raptors conservation


OUTCOMES of the II International Scientific anp Practical Conference “Eagles of Palearctic: Study and Conservation”

Орлы Палеарктики: изучение и охрана

OUTCOMES of the II International Scientific Conference “Eagles Palaearctics: Study and Conservation”, held from 7 to 10 September 2018 in Katun vill. (Altai Kray, Russia), have been prepared.

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Пернатые хищники и их охрана 38

Raptors Conservation 38

The new issue of the Raptors Conservation Journal №38 has been published. The issue contains the Proceedings of the II International Scientific Conference “Eagles of Palearctic: Study and Conservation”.


Booklet “Nestboxing for owls and falcons”

The booklet was published as part of the program of the RRRCN for attracting birds of prey for breeding to artificial nests of the box type nestboxes. The booklet presents the schemes of nestboxes, descriptions of their assembly and brief information on installation. The booklet will be useful to all those who love raptors and eager to help them find a home in their natural habitat!

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