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I want to tell you about bird with rings!

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         Presenting information and uploading photos or videos in the database of the RRRRCN, you retain the authorship, but agree that the information and images or videos
         will be used for non-profit research and educational purposes:
         – The data are stored in the database as evidences confirming the fact of your observations , and displayed to the database users with the obligatory indication of your authorship ;
         – The information and the materials may be used in publications online on the web-site of the RRRCN and in the official newsletter “Raptors Conservation”, with the obligatory
         indication of your authorship, in order to present the results of research obtained including your contributions to the database to the scientific community.
         Licence agreement (in Russian) >>>.

         Also You can add your observation to the of ringed bird in WEB-GIS “Birdwatching” . Coordinators transfer your data into Ringing database.

         If you have any difficulty with the conversion of coordinates from the format – degrees, minutes, seconds (45º 45′ 45.55 “) or degrees, decimal minutes (45º 45.555′) in decimal degrees (45.455555º),
         please use for coordinates conversion this table >>> or a special web-service >>>

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